Choosing the Right Trolley Speaker for Your Office

From 24 hours, 8-10 hours of the day are spent in the office. A well-designed workspace can boost productivity, employee morale, and overall efficiency. What comes into your mind when you think of tools and equipments needed to run a smooth office space? We are sure first and foremost will be system i.e. Computers, Printers. Then comes Internet, Proper furniture, ACs etc. But you are forgetting an important tool, be it for small impact but powerful one and that is Music system. Depending on the size of your office and niche you can check on the type of Speakers that best suits your office like Portable Trolley Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker, Professional Speaker etc. 

Here we are sharing how according to your office need, space and type of business you can buy your Speaker for Office. Selecting the right trolley speaker for your office can greatly enhance your audio experience and provide convenient portable sound solutions. Here are some key considerations to help you make the right choice:


Power and Sound Output: Determine the power and sound output you require based on the size of your office and the volume of sound you need. Consider the wattage and RMS power of the trolley speaker to ensure it can deliver the desired sound level without distortion. If you are looking for a trolley speaker for a small conference room you can go for Persang’s Octane 9 50W Trolley Speaker for clarity sound.

Octane 9 Max-12 MH Bluetooth Trolley Speaker


Connectivity Options: When buying a Trolley Speaker for Office connectivity plays important role so buy Trolley Speaker with good connectivity options. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly connect devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops allowing easy access of any presentation or work available on someone else’s system. Additionally, look for speakers with USB and SD card ports, aux-in, and FM radio capabilities for versatile audio playback options. Octane 9 MK 15 inch Premium Bluetooth Trolley Speaker with 1000W PMPO power O/P can be ideal for Office Meeting rooms with its versatile features.

Octane 9 Premium Bluetooth Trolley Speaker | 38.10CM(15)


Battery Life and Portability: Portability of Trolley Speaker is a plus point to invest on a good Trolley Speaker for Office. As this gives you freedom of moving it easily without any hassle. Thanks to Portable Trolley Speakers that now in office you don’t need different Trolley Speakers for different departments and sections. You can just move around your Trolley Speaker according to your need from one cabin to another. If you require a portable trolley speaker for office use, consider the battery life. Look for models like Persang’s 1000W (PMPO) 12 inch Premium Trolley Speaker with longer-lasting batteries to ensure uninterrupted playtime during presentations, meetings, or events. 


Size and Design: Evaluate the size of the trolley speaker to ensure it fits well in your office space. Consider the weight and dimensions to ensure it is easy to transport if needed. Additionally, think about the design and aesthetics, as a visually appealing speaker can enhance the overall office ambiance.


Additional Features: Explore additional features that may be beneficial for office use. For example, some trolley speakers come equipped with microphone inputs for presentations or karaoke sessions. Others may have built-in equalizers or sound enhancement features to optimize audio quality. Also Research the brand and read customer reviews to gauge the reliability and performance of the trolley speaker. A reputable brand with positive feedback ensures a better chance of satisfaction with your purchase.


By considering these factors, you can choose a trolley speaker that meets your office audio needs, enhances productivity, and provides convenient portable sound solutions.

Guide to buy Speakers in Ganesh Chaturthi 2023

Music an Integral Part of Ganesh Chaturthi. Guide to Buy Music System for Ganesh Chaturthi 2023

Lord Ganesha’s Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated across India as the major festival and this celebrations continues for 10 days. Ganesh Chaturthi is a well-known Hindu festival that is enthusiastically observed, and music is undoubtedly an important aspect of the festivities, particularly during the processions and other connected cultural activities. While each pandals are managing pandal decoration, funds and cultural activities or traditions during the 10 days of celebrations, Music is something that no one wants to compromise on and Persang brings to you Speakers that will end your search for the good quality sound system that offers good sound quality and is appropriate for outdoor or big gathering settings when purchasing one for such events. Here is the guide on what kind of Speakers to buy according to Society Club Space, Public Pandals or Home Ganesha:

PA Speakers for Grand Events

If you are a team of Public Pandals and bringing Ganesha’s of Massive heights with enormous height and width of Pandals, also where you are expecting a larger crowd then PA Speakers should be your first choice. Due to their capacity to deliver extensive sound coverage, high volume levels, clarity, dependability, and diversity, PA speakers are an excellent choice for large pandals. They are essential in providing both performers and listeners with an enjoyable and lasting audio experience.

Concert V2 – Active PA Speaker System

A powered PA system speaker can cover any venue with sound at a power output of 100 + 100 watts. You get deep, rich bass from the 20.32cm woofer, and you can play music on any device thanks to the iPad, laptop, and mobile phone compatibility. You may wander around the stage unrestricted by the speaker thanks to the 2-UHF wireless microphone, and if you need to address the devotees or host any traditional program where there is a need of mic then this PA Speakers comes with Mic configurations too where you can adjust your sound using the settings for the mic, volume, effects, repeat, and delay. You may connect this speaker to other audio equipment via the RCA input/output, and the AC 100-240V power source makes it possible to use it anywhere in the world.

Concert V2 – Active PA Speaker System

Trolley Speakers for Ganesh Chaturthi

For Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, using Premium Bluetooth Trolley speakers might be a practical and efficient approach to improve the audio quality. Trolley Speakers are best choice for society club and other club events that have certain countable crowd. This can be best choice for Private Pandals as these Speakers are portable so gets easy to place it and bring it back to Pandal.

According to size of your Pandal you can choose any Trolley Speakers of size 15 inch, 12 inch or 10 inch

Octane 9 Premium Bluetooth Trolley Speaker | 38.10CM(15)

Always be mindful of noise levels, especially if your event is taking place in a neighbourhood where there may be noise ordinances and local sensitivities. To ensure that your festive is harmonious and enjoyable for everyone, be sure to select a Music system Speakers that fits the size and style of your event.

How to use Trolley Speaker for leading a stress free life.

How having a Trolley Speaker can help you in leading a stress-free life!

In India even today a lot of people kick start their day with music. We see a lot of youths starting their gym or yoga along with music, homemakers cooking food while playing bhajans or prabhatiya etc.Throughout human history, music has been extensively researched and appreciated for its capacity to amuse and cure. Numerous professionals have looked at the therapeutic potential of music for a variety of physical and mental health issues, as well as for general stress management. (Src:

Our favourite music appears to have the power to accomplish just about anything, from energizing us before a big event to relaxing us when we’re angry. So how about adapting this one habit of listening to music as our daily regime! But before you plunge into picking up your headphones let us tell you that it will hurt your ears in the long term! So best is to add a new family member i.e. Portable Trolley speaker who will be your partner of happiness all day.

So here are few highlights on how a Bluetooth Trolley speaker might be your ideal companion to keep you charged whole day.


  • Buying a Trolley Speaker for Happy Daily Ritual

We all live a commuter life, where we get up in the morning, complete our morning routine and rush to office. But at the end of day most of us feel that the day just went through but we didn’t had much time for ourselves. And this is how then our everyday gets shaped. And this shakle of more busy but less productive life will not break till we get determinedto break it. So here you can kickstart it with by homing a Trolley Speaker and making a resolution of starting your day with music & exercise. According to recent studies, music has a powerful ability to boost attention, relieve pain, and decrease tension and anxiety, among many other advantages. One of the key advantages of buying a trolley speaker is its portability, as everyone has that one corner or space in home that you may find it your favourite either for yoga, prayer, reading books etc. So wake up & just take your trolley speaker with you whereever you want to start your day like balcony, Drawing Hall, Backyard etc. It has a rechargeable battery built in, so you don’t have to worry about finding a power source. Simply grasp the handle, roll it along, and take your favorite music with you wherever you go. 


  • Music Therapy with Trolley Speakers

Music has been proven to have a therapeutic effect on our mind and body. By connecting your trolley speaker to your smartphone or other audio devices, you can create a personalized playlist of calming tunes. Whether you prefer classical melodies, soft jazz, or soothing nature sounds, allow the power of music to ease your stress and promote relaxation. Sit back, close your eyes, and let the rhythm of the music transport you to a peaceful state of mind, free from the burdens of everyday life.

  1. Outdoor Exercise Companion

Physical activity is a fantastic way to reduce stress levels. It releases endorphins and helps clear your mind. Whether you enjoy jogging, cycling, or practicing yoga in the park, don’t forget to bring along your trolley speaker. With its powerful sound output, it can accompany your outdoor activities, providing you with energizing music to keep you motivated and engaged. Say goodbye to the monotony of exercising in silence and embrace the joy of moving to the beat!

  •  Family Karaoke Nights with Party Light Trolley Speaker

Who says leading a stress-free life has to be all about relaxation? Sometimes, all you need is to let loose and have a good laugh with your friends or family. With a trolley speaker equipped with a karaoke function, you can unleash your inner superstar and organize memorable karaoke nights right in the comfort of your own home. Singing can be a great stress reliever, allowing you to express your emotions and have fun at the same time. So grab the microphone, gather your loved ones, and belt out your favorite tunes to your heart’s content!

Now stop your search for the best trolley speakers in India or the price of Portable Trolley Speaker as Persang brings you the best deal in Bluetooth Trolley Speakers with Dual Microphones. To considerably aid in living a life free of stress, consider including a trolley speaker into your daily routine. A trolley speaker may meet all of your needs, whether you’re seeking for portable entertainment, music therapy, workout company or a source of humour. Why then wait? As you set out on a road to a more tranquil and peaceful life, embrace the power of music and let your tension go away.


3 Best Rakshabandhan Gift for Your Music Gadget Lover Sister

Raksha Bandhan is the cherished festival celebrated across India reviving the significant bonding of the siblings. It’s the festival of having a quality family time, cracking jokes and surprise each other with token of love. Every sister and brother keenly await this festival for the traditional Rakhi ritual. Additionally, each sibling is driven to outdo last year’s gift to their sibling. Isn’t it? Tired of searching what to gift your sister/brother this year! Offering gift to your sibling is just not a ritual but also a warm token of love that is celebrated throughout India between siblings.  Here we are with a list of 3 unique gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan 2023 that ends your search for unique, useful but elegant gift!


  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker that is easily portable yet profound in quality sound is the best Rakshabandhan gift you can present to your sister/brother who is avid music lover. Persang’s Sound Box 2.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic is the one that will make your sibling fall for it from head to toe. It has 18 Watt of Power Output making it a powerful soundbox with 6 EQ Modes to fine-tune your listening experience and boosting one’s party mode. This Bluetooth speaker is sure to amaze your sibling champ as it comes with wireless microphone that one can use for Karaoke singing while supporting different connectivity and all this at just INR 5865. Isn’t that awestruck offer!


For shopping and more details do check here.


  • Party Speaker

Onyx 6.5 Tower Party Speaker

Best Party Speaker for Birthdays, Get together, home and small events.

If you have desire to give your sibling an expensive yet invaluable gift then you should definitely go for Tower Party Speaker as this will be a long-lasting rakshabandhan gift that your sibling will remember forever. Persang’s Onyx 6.5 Tower Party Speaker features 40 watts of powerful bass, comprehensible treble, four equaliser settings (jazz, pop, rock, and class), and streaming flame light effects. It’s the perfect option for those who enjoy dancing or just relaxing alone or with their pals/family while listening to music.



  • Bluetooth Trolley Speaker

Buy Octane-9 8inch 30W trolley speaker with microphone

    • Octane 9 8inch Trolley speaker with microphone

If your sibling is a trend setter and you wonder what cool thing to gift him/her for this Rakshabandhan then Bluetooth Trolley Speaker should be your Ideal choice. Persang’s Octane 9 Max- 8HD is the Compact and elegant piece in Trolley Speaker Octane 9 series and this Trolley Speaker comes with a Wireless Microphone. It has 4000mAH Battery Backup for uninterrupted fun.



Indepence Day Sale on Trolley Speaker

The Best Time to Buy Trolley Speaker is Now: Independence Day Sale


Independence Day is round the corner with most of the schools, co-operative societies and clubs planning to celebrate this 77th Independence day in the most unique way that they can. But can this independence day be complete without sound system? From flag-hosting, singing of the Indian National Anthem to Patriotic Performance of Kids and adults, Music system plays vital role in making the Independence Day happening. And that’s why August month is the best month for shopping! Because each and every ecommerce platform will be celebrating Independence Day with full of discounts!!!! So, isn’t this the best opportunity to grab before its gone? Here we bring to you heavy discounts on the music system or the music support equipment that you were eyeing on for long.

During our Independence Sale, we are offering huge discounts on our entire range of trolley speakers, party speakers, professional speakers etc. You can choose from a variety of models, each designed to cater to your specific needs. From compact portable speakers to large, party-ready systems, we have it all.

If you haven’t still decided what kind of speakers you are going to buy! Let us guide you to the best choice according to your need. If you are buying it for your club or society meet on Independence Days Morning Assembly then we will suggest you to go for Persang’s Premium Trolley Speaker. This Bluetooth Trolley Speaker comes with 2 UHF Microphones that also has 8 voice changing effects. With its 100W RMS Output along with wide size subwoofer cone it gives crystal-clear high-quality sound adequate for open space. Also this Octane-9 Premium Trolley Speakers are ideal for home as its portable + stylish design and best reason to buy it is that you get it at unbeatable discount during Independence Day Sale giving you win win situation.

If your family is planning to buy a speaker but is tight on budget then you may go for Octane 9 Series Trolley Speaker of 50W RMS O/P with dual or single microphone options giving you versatile features in your budget.

If Portability is not your concern then take advantage of our limited-time deals on party speakers, professional speakers, Karaoke or accessories and upgrade your audio setup without breaking the bank. Our trolley speakers are not only high in quality but also feature long battery life, easy controls, and compatibility with various devices.

Amplify your celebrations and immerse yourself in a truly immersive audio experience. If you are confused what kind of speaker you need to buy according to your need, just connect with our executive and they will guide you the best speakers to buy from the range of Music System.

Hurry and shop now to grab one of the top Independence Day Sale of 2023 Sale on Music System, Trolley Speakers etc. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your audio setup and enjoy music like never before.

To grab 15% on Trolley Speakers, visit our website:

Also you can explore our products on Amazon’s “Great Freedom Festival” and Flipkart’s The Big Freedom Sale”.


A Lady singing using trolley speaker

How a Trolley Speaker can play crucial role in journey of budding singers: From Amateur to Professional.

India is known for its rich culture, tradition, and diversity, and all this has been beautifully woven into various forms of music. India has given birth to many talented singers who are ruling the world with their melodious voices. These singers are an inspiration for many aspiring singers who are talented but struggle to showcase their talent to the world. But to become a singer, talent and voice aren’t enough! You need a lot of stuff, like a wireless music system, a voice recorder, a microphone, etc. This blog is dedicated to that budding singer who wants to plunge into the music industry but isn’t sure where to start with affordable equipment. For such Singers, Trolley speakers have become a boon. Karaoke has long been connected to impromptu, casual singing sessions at gatherings or bars. However, as more sophisticated technology has emerged, karaoke has evolved into a powerful tool that can transform an amateur performer into a professional artist. And the Trolley Speaker with in-built karaoke is leading this revolution.

A good performer needs good equipment to practice, and though you might not possess any costly sets of music tools, you can still make it work with a good-quality Bluetooth Trolley Speaker with microphone.

So, how exactly can you use a trolley speaker in your journey to becoming a Professional Singer?


1. Buy a Trolley Speaker according to your budget.

Now that you have decided to buy a tool for practicing your singing, The first and foremost thing to consider is how much you can afford. Knowing your budget makes it easy for you to find the best in it. For example, if your budget is between 8 and 10k, you may go for the Octane 9 Max8-HD Trolley Speaker with Microphone (product link). This compact trolley speaker comes with a microphone and a 30 W RMS Power output, making it ideal for your initial practice. If you can raise your budget in search of a few more features, then you can go for the Octane 9 dual mic series, i.e., the Octane 9 MK-1 Portable Trolley Speaker or the Octane 9 Max-12 MH Bluetooth Trolley Speaker. Wireless Microphones (Preferably dual) (link)

2. Choose the Trolley Speaker that has both an audio and voice recorder.

A Trolley Karaoke Speaker can also be your personal riyaaz tool. With its built-in audio and vocal recording function, you can rehearse and fine-tune your singing skills whenever and wherever you want. Also, as an aspiring singer, you might need to send your recordings to the leading music industry, any reality show, etc. to show your talent, so make sure you choose a trolley speaker with a microphone with recording features.


3.Portability in Trolley Speaker

One of the biggest advantages of a Trolley Karaoke Speaker is its portability. It comes with built-in wheels and a retractable handle, allowing you to take your performance anywhere you go. Whether it’s an open-mic night, a busking session on the streets, or a gig at a friend’s house, you can carry your karaoke speaker effortlessly. This means more opportunities to showcase your talent, gain exposure, and potentially attract industry professionals.


4.Powerful Sound Quality:

When it comes to professional performances, sound quality is of utmost importance. A Trolley Karaoke Speaker is designed with advanced audio technology, delivering crystal-clear sound that can rival professional sound systems. It ensures that your voice and music shine, enhancing the overall impact of your performance and captivating your audience. Persang Brand is known for its crystal-clear sound, considering each and every range of trolley speakers.

5.Versatile Features:

Trolley Karaoke Speakers are renowned for their versatile features and compact, light-weight design. Like Persang’s all-portable trolley speakers, they are equipped with additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB and SD card slots, AUX, FM radio, and even different controls like treble, echo, bass, etc. This versatility allows you to experiment with your performances, incorporate customizable effects, and create a unique experience for your audience.

6.Trolley Speakers with Wireless Microphones:

Professional-grade Trolley Karaoke Speakers often come with wireless microphones. This eliminates the hassle of tangled cords and gives you the freedom to move around the stage, interact with the audience, and engage them in your performance. It adds a touch of professionalism and helps you connect with your listeners on a more personal level. If you are in that phase of singing where you and your band go to small events or take every open space opportunity, then Persang’s Premium Bluetooth Trolley Speakers are for you! As it has 2 wireless UHF Microphones with 8 voice-changing effects, plus it has guitar input.

7.Bluetooth Trolley Speakers with Rechargeable batteries:

Imagine having an amazing performance lined up but being limited by power outlets or having to rely on extension cords. With a Trolley Karaoke Speaker, these worries become a thing of the past. These speakers come with long-lasting rechargeable batteries, ensuring uninterrupted performances wherever you go. No more limitations or compromises—just pure, uninterrupted talent.

8.Practise and Improvement:

A Trolley Karaoke Speaker can also be your personal practise tool. With its built-in karaoke function, you can rehearse and fine-tune your singing skills whenever and wherever you please. It offers an opportunity to work on your vocals, experiment with different genres, and build confidence in your abilities—all crucial aspects of becoming a professional performer.

All these elements make a Trolley Speaker a powerful tool to transform an amateur performer into a professional artist. Its portability, powerful sound quality, versatile features, wireless microphones, rechargeable battery, and practise capabilities make it an invaluable tool for aspiring singers and musicians. So, if you’re ready to take your performances to new heights and turn your dreams into reality, don’t hesitate to invest in a Trolley Karaoke Speaker.

This image is about advancements in trolley speaker technology. How today's portable trolley speaker have great sound and features with advanced technology.

Enhancing Your Sound Experience: The Advancements in Trolley Speaker Technology

If one asks, what you do for reducing your stress in this fast life? 7 out of 10 will surely say listening music. Several researches also support that music can help people unwind and manage their stress. Speakers play vital role in everyday life. With the changing times even the technology is advancing for betterment of the society. Speakers has also evolved with the new era, now trolley speakers have emerged with the advanced technology built up to fulfil the need of enthusiastic music and entertainment lovers.

If you want to take your music wherever you go, then these portable trolley speakers mounted on wheels with handle is the convenient solution. Here we are sharing how the latest advancements in trolley speaker technology has evolved that you need to explore before your buying decision.


  • Wireless Connectivity in Trolley Speakers

Most contemporary trolley speakers now come equipped with Bluetooth, which enables users to wirelessly connect their smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. As a result, there is no need for unsightly cords and audio streaming is seamless. Persang’s Premium Trolley Speakers comes with SD Card, USB Port and also has FM giving way more option to look forward if you don’t have Bluetooth enabled device then. It also has NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, making pairing even simpler by only tapping the device against the speaker.

  • Features

Multiple features in one system are what makes trolley speakers the best choice nowadays. In Market you will get speakers with various in-built feature, even few that you won’t even use. But you need to choose your Bluetooth trolley speakers smartly by prioritizing your needs now and in future. Persang’s Octane 9 Premium Bluetooth Trolley Speakers are designed keeping in mind 3 kind of people: one avid music listeners, second who loves to sing, third who loves to play guitar along with singing.

So, Octane 9 Premium trolley speaker has 3 different sizes 10 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch. With the feature of multiple connectivity, Dual Microphone connection, Guitar Connection, Individual controls, TWS Support, 8 voice changing effects, 16×2 channels, 100 RMS Power Output, Perform Karaoke etc.

  • Enhanced Durability

Durability of the Sound systems depends on the material used and the quality of technology used. When one goes to purchase Trolley Speakers, the salesman may often give you two choices i.e. are you looking for rough & tough Bluetooth trolley speakers or are you planning to buy one that looks good in an allotted space. And that’s a tough choice isn’t it as we always prefer both. With that in mind, Octane 9’s Premium Trolley Speakers were designed that gives rich look to your space along with rough & tough use of handling your outdoor as well as indoor entertainment.

  • Extended Battery Life

When it comes to choosing a portable Bluetooth trolley speaker, battery life and recharge time are important factors to consider. A speaker with a long battery life will allow you to enjoy your music for hours on end, while a short recharge time means you won’t have to wait long to use your speaker again. To get the most out of your portable Bluetooth trolley speaker, look for one with a high-capacity battery that can provide up to 8 hours of continuous playback. For even more convenience, choose a speaker with a built-in USB port so you can easily recharge your device.

  • Powerful Sound Quality

Sound Quality depends on the size of cone and the technology used to build that. There are various class according to amplifier’s combination of power and signal like class A, class B, Class AB etc. For understanding that in detail you can stay tune for our next blog. Persang’s Portable Trolley Speakers are designed using Class AB technology giving the utmost efficiency compared to other class.

So these are some of the latest technology that speakers of today are built on. If you have bought a speaker recently or planning to buy, mention in comments what advance feature and technology you are looking forward.


Trolley Speakers are good for social gatherings, family reunion, friends party etc

How Trolley Speakers are Transforming Social Gatherings

In the race of rich lifestyle and high standard of living, our life has turned into a fast pace with a repetitive commuter working life without any work-life balance. All one has is a weekend to enjoy after a long week of work and rather than a boring routine of just going out for a pool party, weekend resort or just a dinner date, people always seek new ways to entertain and rejuvenate themselves. Music is the best therapy to keep you motivated for next morning Monday blues or giving a break from on-going routine. People either like to spend their weekend at the comfort of their home or would plan an outing. But don’t you think that no matter at what place you try to spend your weekend, it remains mundane without friends and music? 

Trolley speakers are a popular choice for social gatherings because how can a social gathering get happening without music. And a person who frequently either hosts a social gathering or attends it, possessing a trolley speaker comes handy as you can shift it from one place to another smoothly. And once the event is over this elegant masterpiece can be placed back to home for enhancing the home view.

When you plan to buy a trolley speaker you need to keep in mind a few factors that can help you to make the best choice of speaker. Depending on your choice of social gathering and space of your home, you can check out Persang Entertainment’s exclusive series of Octane 9 Trolley Speakers.


If you are a youngster who wants a robust performing speaker that’s compact, stylish yet fulfilling all needs, then their Octane 9 8 HD  trolley speaker is for you.

It comes with power output of 30 Watts RMS (real-time) with 8 inch woofer size that provides you clear sound, better bass and it comes with the audio & vocal recording feature that lets you capture your performances for posterity. It has 4000 mAh battery backup that’s good enough to not interrupt your short get togethers, home parties or backyard chilling!


If the purpose of having a speaker is not only for regular usage but you are serious about making the speaker a valuable asset of home or your business then you should genuinely shift to Persang’s premium brand in trolley speaker series. 

The Octane 9 (15)Trolley Speaker Premium series is Ideal for a businessman who wants it frequently and can be a good fit for your office space. Even this can be a good investment for a small to medium event agency for any occasion. With 100 watts of RMS power, this speaker can fill any room with great sound, becoming ideal for people who want to buy it for their bungalows or for their society club. Plus, the Bluetooth, USB, and SD card connectivity make it easy to stream your favorite music. Premium  Trolley Speakers are portable and simple to move around, allowing you to take them anywhere and quickly and simply set them up. This is especially beneficial for outdoor events or occasions held in sizable venues where sound may be easily diffused.

Second, because trolley speakers are made to be loud and strong, it can easily fill a huge space with sound and give everyone in the audience an immersive audio experience. This is crucial for social gatherings when music plays a big part in the festivities.

Last but not least, trolley speakers frequently have a variety of functions that make them functional and simple to operate. Additionally, it includes built-in microphones that can be utilised for speeches or announcements at the occasion or for singing in outdoor social gatherings.

Overall, trolley speakers are a fantastic option for social occasions since they combine portability, power, and versatility to be perfect for any situation.

Portable trolley speakers are the best choice for outdoor entertainment.

The Rise of Portable Trolley Speakers

If you are into event management business, a travel agent with all-inclusive package or a businessman who has frequent outdoor team meetups then you may understand what importance a speaker with wheels can have!

Gone are the days when you have to buy different music devices for different places. As we introduce portable trolley speaker. These compact and convenient devices are the ultimate outdoor entertainment solution, providing high-quality sound with ease of use. Whether you’re hosting big events or a backyard barbecue, beach party, or camping trip, these speakers are perfect for any occasion. 

A portable sound system with a microphone is a valuable tool for any occasion. One of the key benefits of using a portable trolley speaker is its versatility. These speakers can be used both indoors or outdoors, making them a perfect choice for any event. Additionally, they offer a powerful sound quality that can easily fill up large rooms or open spaces. Persang’s Portable Bluetooth Trolley Speakers are the best choice for any small-medium-large scale event organizers or a businessman or an individual who loves music,this is due to their real time power output speakers which provide an excellent audio experience.

Furthermore, these speakers even have the capability to record audio plus vocal, adding an extra layer of functionality. The trolley speakers can be easily connected through various mediums, such as Bluetooth, SD, TFT, and USB easing the device accessibility or use them to provide music for a karaoke session. The best part is that these speakers offer up to 5 hours of battery backup ensuring continuous playback time, making them ideal for long events. Thus a portable trolley speaker with microphone and vocal plus instrument recording features can be an incredibly valuable addition to your sound system and perfect for any occasion. Check Out 3 Bluetooth Trolley Speakers from Persang that are way ahead in revolutionizing outdoor entertainment.

1. Octane 9 Premium Bluetooth Trolley speaker 25.4 (10)

When it comes to a portable sound system with microphone, the 100W RMS Trolley Speaker from Persang is an excellent option. This speaker can deliver fantastic sound throughout big hall or open space with its 100 watts of RMS output. Plus, it’s simple to stream your favourite songs, thanks to the Bluetooth, USB, and SD card compatibility. It has 12V 10Ah Battery giving upto 7 hours of uninterrupted playback time. This makes it perfect for events or parties where you don’t want to worry about your music cutting out.

Additionally, the speaker boasts 2 UHF mics with 8 voice changing effects and 16×2 channels.With 25.4cm woofers, ensuring that your sound quality will be top-notch. Whether you’re using it for karaoke or just to amplify your voice, this speaker is incredibly powerful. Overall, this portable trolley speaker is a great option for anyone looking for a versatile, high-quality sound system with the added bonus of mobility and convenience.

2. Octane 9 Premium Bluetooth Trolley Speaker | 30.48CM(12)

With the same 100 Watts RMS (5000 PMPO) yet with a plus woofer size of 30.48cm (12 inch) this trolley speaker is also extremely convenient to carry around while giving a better performance as it has a full, realistic and genuine sound.This makes it perfect for people who want to take their music with them wherever they go. Whether you’re a travelling musician, a party enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys music on-the-go, these speakers are the perfect choice for you. With Bluetooth, SD, TFT and USB connectivity options, you can easily connect your devices and play your favourite music without any hassle. Indeed, this trolley speaker is an excellent investment for anyone who wants high-quality sound, portability, and convenience all in one package!

3. Octane 9 Premium Bluetooth Trolley Speaker | 38.10CM(15)

If you are a person who want to invest it once in for all and get all the praise for having the best trolley speaker then go for Octane 9 Premium Bluetooth Trolley speakers with the 100W RMS power output making it the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment setup. With a vocal plus instrument recording feature, you can capture all your special moments with ease.

The speaker boasts up to 5 hours of playback time, ensuring that your guests will be entertained throughout the day or into the night. Its 38.10 (15) CM woofers provide the highest quality sound, delivering crisp and clear audio. If you have a larger home theater or host a lot of gatherings inside your home, this trolley speaker will serve your needs better. As It has Bluetooth, SD, TFT, and USB connectivity options, making it easy to connect to your favorite devices. With Trolley Speakers with Dual Mic, you can sing and speak through the device, making it perfect for karaoke or outdoor performances. It also has individual control for mic, echo and Volume. Overall, this trolley speaker is a must-have for anyone who loves outdoor entertainment and wants the best quality sound possible.

So these were 3 powerful premium series of Bluetooth Trolley Speakers with different woofer sizes and dynamic controls. If you’re involved professionally as an event organizer then don’t you think that speakers with wheels are indeed revolutionizing the outdoor entertainment? As investing in portable trolley speakers is a no-brainer. From their compact and convenient design to their superior sound quality, these speakers are a must-have for any outdoor gathering.  Portable trolley speakers will elevate your experience to the next level. So why settle for mediocre sound quality when you can have the ultimate entertainment solution right at your fingertips? Get your hands on these versatile speakers today and get ready to rock your next outdoor event!



Trolley Speaker

Top Six Advantages of Using Trolley Speakers for Singing

Whether you’re a musician or a singer, having the correct equipment is vital for delivering a compelling performance. A trolley speaker is an essential piece of equipment for singers. Trolley speakers are portable, simple to use, and offer numerous advantages to singers. Will go over the six key advantages of using trolley speakers for singing.

Benefits Of Trolley Speaker For Singing

1) Portability

Trolley speakers are extremely portable and transportable. They are constructed with wheels and handles to make them portable. As a result, they are great for vocalists who need to travel to numerous venues or transfer their equipment fast and efficiently.

2) Audio Quality

Trolley speakers also provide high-quality audio. They have strong amplifiers and high-quality speakers to deliver clear, sharp sound. This makes them ideal for singers who need to project their voice over a large area or who need to fill a room with sound.

3) Versatility

Trolley speakers are also quite adaptable. They can be used for anything from singing to playing music to hosting events. This makes them perfect for singers who require their equipment to serve several functions. Furthermore, trolley speakers have several inputs, allowing singers to connect multiple devices at the same time. 

4) Durability

Trolley speakers are also extremely long-lasting. They are made of strong materials that can withstand wear and tear. This makes them excellent for singers who need to use their equipment in harsh locations or transfer it regularly.

5) Affordability

Trolley speakers are also quite inexpensive. They are made of cost effective materials, making them less expensive than other types of speakers. This makes them perfect for singers on a tight budget or who need to buy many pieces of equipment.

6) Convenience

Finally, trolley speakers are extremely useful. They include user-friendly controls that make them simple to use. This makes them excellent for singers who need to set up their equipment swiftly and conveniently. Furthermore, trolley speakers include wireless capabilities, allowing singers to operate their equipment from a distance.

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