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Concert V2 – Active PA Speaker System

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The Concert 2.0 is a professional active PA system that offers 100W of power. It has a frequency range of 50Hz-20kHz and comes with a built-in USB, SD card, BT, and MP3 player.

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A powered PA system speaker pumps out 100 + 100 watts of sound, enough to fill any venue. The 20.32cm woofer gives you deep, rich bass, while the mobile phone, laptop, and iPad connectivity lets you play your music from any device. The 2-UHF wireless microphone lets you move around the stage without being tethered to the speaker, and the controls for mic, volume, effects, repeat, and delay let you customize your sound. The RCA input/output lets you connect to other audio devices, and the AC 100-240V power source ensures that you can use this speaker anywhere in the world.



Package contains

Power Cable: 1 Pc

Speaker Cable: 2 Pc

Remote Control

Operation Manual



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