Why Singers Prefer Speaker With Cordless Microphone

      As a singer, having a reliable microphone is essential for delivering a great performance. While wired microphones have been the standard for many years, more and more singers are now opting for cordless microphones. There are several reasons why singers prefer speakers with cordless microphones. Convenience      One of the main […]

Bollywood echoing Rakshabandhan throughout the years.

Raksha Bandhan goes back to Mahabharata when Lord Krishna had cut his finger, which then started bleeding and seeing this, Draupadi immediately tore a piece of cloth from her saree and fastened it to Lord Krishna’s finger to stop the bleeding. The piece of cloth then evolved into a sacred thread. Believing the cloth she […]

That 90S Kid!

As and how I grow up I feel being born in the ’90s was the best thing that has happened to me. It was a good time for movies, songs, art and for the media to grow as a whole. The best music the best Albums and even the best cartoons were of the ’90s. […]

Top Four Music Fest in India To Attend.

Have you ever just been in the state of such delight and trance that the world around you seems to be closing up and it’s just the music and you. The very moment where you don’t care about the world or what is next and you just swirl and bounce to the jam with thousands […]

Are Tower Speakers for you ?

When you are a music lover, you need everything to be at its utmost precision. Music is not just instruments and words together! It’s also the right amount of flow of music at the right time. If you are more geared toward serious music then having sound tower is the best option for you. These […]
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