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BMB paper cones are crafted with high-quality water sourced from the natural environment in Japan, ensuring a solid foundation for premium sound. The manufacturing process is fine-tuned by experienced specialists who adjust the pulp quality daily to guarantee optimal sound performance. Additionally, BMB conducts a comprehensive quality assurance test on every component of their speakers to ensure top-notch audio quality.

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Basic Watts-1_(A+)-2 (1) (1)
Basic Amplifier-1_A+-01 (1) (1)
Wooden Body-1_(A+)-2 (1)
Basic Mic_(A+)-2 (1)


Speaker Details CSH 200

Model Name: BMB Basic Package

Type: Home Theatre

System: 3 Ways 3 Speakers

Max Input Power: 300W

Rating Input power: 100W

Woofer size: 20 Cm

Dimensions (mm): 270(W) × 465(H) × 265(D)

Weight: 14.6 Kg

Amplifier Details DAH 100

Max Output Power :100W × 2CH (4-8Ω, EIAJ)

Audio Input: 3 systems (AUX1, AUX2, Bluetooth)

Echo 2 mode: (Stereo, Mono)

Equalizer: 3 bands (Master, Music, Mic, Echo)

Bluetooth: Ver4.0 Support

Input: AC100V ~ 240V (50/60 Hz)

 Dimensions (mm): 420(W) × 169(H) × 341(D)

Weight: 4.9kg

Package contains

2 Speaker 

1 Amplifier

2 Wired Microphone 

2 Speaker Stand 

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