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BMB paper cones are Made in Japan!

The quality of water used during the manufacturing process plays a major role in making high-quality paper cones. Pure water springing fotth from the beautiful natural environment in Japan is the foundation of the BMB sound.

Fine-tuned by Specialists

The quality of pulp used for manufacturing the speakers varies on a dairy basis, so our experienced specialists fine-tune the pulp quality to make sure the BMB speakers can offer the best quality sound.

Quality Assurance Test for All Components

We conduct a quality assurance test on every component of BMB speakers to ensure excellent sound quality.


BMB CSH-200 Speaker system

System 3 Ways 3 Speakers
Woofer Unit 20cm Paper Cone Type × 1unit
Squawker Unit 8cm Paper Cone Type × 1unit
Tweeter Unit 8cm Paper Cone Type × 1unit
Max Input Power 300W
Rating Input Power 150W
Dimensions (mm) 270(W) × 465(H) × 265(D)
Weight 7.3kg/piece

BMB CSH-S200 Speaker Stand

Dimensions(mm) 402(W) × 68(H) × 330(D)
Weight 480g / piece

BMB DAH-100 Karaoke Amplifier

Max Output Power 100W × 2CH (4-8Ω, EIAJ)
Audio Input 3 systems
(AUX1, AUX2, Bluetooth)
Mic Input 2 systems
Echo 2 mode (Stereo, Mono)
Equalizer 3 bands
(Master, Music, Mic, Echo)
Bluetooth Ver4.0 Support A2DP
Remote controller none
AC Input AC100V ~ 240V (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions (mm) 420(W) × 169(H) × 341(D)
Weight 4.9kg

BMB NKN-300 Dynamic Karaoke Microphone


  1. BMB CSH-200 Speaker system
  2. BMB CSH-S200 Speaker stand
  3. BMB DAH-100 Karaoke Amplifier
  4. BMB NKN-300 Dynamic Karaoke microphone



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