Top Four Music Fest in India To Attend.

Have you ever just been in the state of such delight and trance that the world around you seems to be closing up and it’s just the music and you. The very moment where you don’t care about the world or what is next and you just swirl and bounce to the jam with thousands of other just like you.

When I was in school and used to live off on pocket money, I made a pack with myself. That it doesn’t matter what happens I will attend at least one concert a year! A concert is not just about music or your favourite artist playing! It’s about a million other small things that make the entire experience so spectacular that you remember it throughout! From dressing up for the night to dancing and jumping till your feet hurts, it’s all there in THE MOMENT!

It’s without a doubt, an experience of a lifetime for music lovers! So today we are going to talk about the top four best music fest happening in India that you should not miss! Or at least try to attend one of them!

Sulla Fest, Nasik: Well if you love Music and wine the Sula Fest is ‘the Fest’ for you. It takes place in Sulla wine yards in Nasik in February generally! They not only have amazing artist and of course an abundance of wine but also great food, remarkable fashion and many leisurely activities.

Sun Burn Goa: Its Asia’s largest Electronic Music Festival that lasts for three days. It generally takes place towards the end of the year in December with not just music but also entertainment, food, shopping and beaches! They have had some amazing artist in the past few years, promising bigger and better every time!

NH7 Weekender: If you are an Indie Rock Person then put this fest on top, of your bucket list! NH7 Weekender is called to be one of the best Music fests in India. You will get the best performances of Rock, Indie, Metal and fusion of ethnic music. A beautiful mixture of remarkable Artists, food and drinks!

VH1 Supersonic, Pune: A ‘Must go’ music fest that is held in February in the city of Pune. The fest has an amazing vibe to it with versatile artists from all over. You get multiple genres from Jazz to Pop and from Hip – hop to Indie Rock.

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