• Power 80 Watts RMS
  • Specially Crafted Wooden Body
  • FM Radio, BT, USB & SD card slot
  • Can play from Mobile, Laptop, TV, I-pad
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • 2-mic Inputs & 1-Guitar Input
  • 2- Wired Microphone
  • Mic, Echo, Bass, Treble & Volume Controls
  • Audio line RCA Input
  • Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery
  • Trolley Support for Easy Move ability

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MODE: Switch between USB/TF/FM/Blue-connect mode.

PAUSE/PLAY: Play back or pause the music

NEXT SONG: Go to next music

EQ: Choose from several equilizers presets



  1. Insert a USB/MICRO SD (TF) Card drive into the speaker
  2. Connect your microphone to the product with a 1/4″ jack or connect the wireless mic with the packing.
  3. Press and hold the key button for 2 seconds
  4. The speaker will announce “Start Recording” to indicate recording start.
  5. Press the button to stop recording.
  6. A record in WAV format will be created in USB/MICRO SD (TF) Card.


PREVIOUS SONG: Go to previous song.


REPEAT: Repeat song



MIC. VOL(Microphone Volume): Turn the knob to adjust microphone volume level.

ECHO(Microphone echo): Turn the knob to adjust microphone echo level.

VOLUME(Master Volume): Turn the knob to adjust master volume level.

MIC IN(Microphone input): Plug wired microphone with 1/4″ jack to this socket.

POWER(Power Switch): Main ON/OFF switch for the speaker.

(Note: Battery charging is independent of Power switch ON/OFF status)

LED(Switch): ON/OFF switch for the speaker’s LED light show of woofer

12V BATTERY IN(External 12V battery interface): Connect external 12V charging/power as alternative power source; please check carefully the input polarity before connecting.

LINE IN(AUX)(External audio interface): 3.5mm stereo input for connecting external audio devices. You may connect your smart phone/ tablet as external music source with a 3.5mm line-in cable.

USB/MICRO SD(TF) Card Player: Insert USB/MICRO SD (TF) Card drive with MP3 file to this port.

ANT:  Antenna for wireless microphone/radio, please ensure antenna is  extended while microphone/radio mode is in operation.

key (MODE): It is for  switching between different audio source – LINE-IN/Bluetooth mode/FM mode(radio mode)/MP3 player

Voice Prompt(on/off): Hold this button for 2 seconds to enable/disable the voice prompt on/off function.

  • key (Record and playback the recording):


  1. Press and trigger (not hold) the . button to enter record playback mode.
  2. Record in the USB/MICRO SD (TF) Card’s “RECORD” folder will be played and looped.
  3. Press next/previous to navigate recording.

REPEAT (Repetitive playing and Mic Priority): Press to select repeat mode.

Mic Pri:  Hold this button for 2 seconds to enable/disable mic priority over music function.

key: Press the button to play/pause the music

Language mode switch: Hold this key for 2 seconds to switch Chinese/English Language.

key: Press the previous music.

Hold this button for 2 seconds to “Fast Forward” the music when u play the music by USB/MICRO SD (TF) CARD PLAYER.

key: Press the next music

Hold this button for 2 seconds to “Fast Backward” the music when u play the music by USB/MICRO SD (TF) CARD PLAYER.


  1. Insert battery to the wireless microphone and make sure battery polarity is correct.
  2. Turn power switch on microphone to “ON”.
  3. Please extend the antenna on the speaker and make it vertically upward for better reception.
  4. Adjust the microphone volume knob on the speaker to desire volume.


NOTE on microphone

  1. Ensure wireless microphones are operated within the speaker’s effective distance at 30m,
  2. Keep 5-15cm distances between microphone and lips for best performance.
  3. LED indicator on microphone will turn red when power level is low, please replace with new battery.
  4. Only use the included wireless microphone in the speaker package.


  1. Insert the wired microphone to “MIN IN”.
  2. Turn power switch on microphone to “ON”
  3. Adjust the microphone volume knob on the speaker to desire volume


  1. Turn the speaker to ON and press “.” button to enter “Bluetooth” mode.
  2. Turn ON your smart phone/tablet device’s Bluetooth connectivity and search for device named “BT SPEAKER”.
  3. Click on device to connect ”Bass Hunter DP-10V “.
  4. When Bluetooth connection is established, the speaker will announce “Bluetooth Mode” to indicate successful connection
  5. Play music on your smart phone/tablet device and audio will be streamed to the speaker.
Colour Black
Body Material Specially Crafted Wooden Body
Model number DP-10V
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
S/N Ratio >=95dB
Tone control Echo, Bass & Treble
Speaker Connectivity Bluetooth
Hardware Interface Audio/RCA
Audio Wattage 600 Watts
Wattage 80 Watts RMS
Frequency Range Microphone 15M
Wireless Microphone 2
Wireless Microphone Type VHF
Battery Volt/Amp 12v-9000mah
Battery backup 4-5 hours
Power AC 110-240V 50/60 Hz
DC Supply 15Volt 2amp
Net weight 23.800kg
Gross weight 26.200kg
Package Dimensions 83.82 X 53.34 X 45.72cm




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