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Max 15R- 500 Watt RMS PA System Class D

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This powerful, ultra-efficient pa speaker is designed for optimal performance, no matter where you take it. The Bartone Max 15R (15) is a full-range 4 DSP EQ Presets PA loudspeaker with a slick design and long lasting metal enclosure. It has 15” woofer and 75 mm KSV voice coil with 44mm Tweeter driver provides the perfect combination of deep low and crystal-clear high frequencies. With 500W/1000V (RMS/Continuous) so much power under the hood in a one package, it’s perfect for any occasion.

Persang’s Max 15R- 500 Watt RMS Active Powered PA Speaker is one of the India’s most powerful PA Speaker as it has a robust built up with a 15 inch” woofer that can deliver rich, strong low-frequency sound.

And also it has 75mm KSV high quality voice coil that can withstand substantial power while preserving efficiency. The louder the voice coil, the louder the speaker.  But only loudness is not something that an ideal PA Speaker should deliver. So with Persang’s Max-15R 500 Watt RMS you get the 44mm tweeter for handling high-frequency sounds that can produce clear and crisp high frequencies.

The speaker not only has excellent functioning, but also a beautiful design. The internal components are protected and given endurance with the long-lasting metal enclosure and sleek design.

The Bartone Max 15R (15) is suitable for any outdoor events or settings with large crowd pertaining its versatility and power.

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Package contains

Speaker: 1 Unit

 Power cable: 1 Pc

Remote Control: 1 Pc

Operation Manual


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