Symphony Karaoke System (PK-8080)

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• Mobile Intelligent operations APP “Remote PK”
• Real-Time scoring
• Can connect to WiFi to get songs from Net/Youtube
• All songs(2087) recordable (Video, Audio)
• switch on/off the melody
• Male/ Female chorus identification

Buy Karaoke System Online  – Symphony PK-8080, by Persang Karaoke, is a product that blends in with the surroundings of a generic entertainment system. Compact, stylish, and unique, this product houses above 2087 songs in its offline storage that has been recorded in-house. These tracks can be accessed with minimal navigations using the fully functional remote control. Real-time scoring of the audio helps boost the morale of the performer, while also providing a benchmark and facilitating improvement. The Symphony PK 8080 also comes preloaded with Android. Simply plugging this into your television allows even a normal TV to have smart TV capabilities. With a dedicated folder to house the recordings, this system retains the ability to be collective yet systematically segregated. Controlling pitch, tempo and echo variables will add great value to this product. Recorded audio can be easily shared by just tapping a few times within the specially designed application. The product also includes 2 Ultra-High Frequency microphones that completely blend in with the product when in or not in use. These microphones also have a touchpad to facilitate control without the need to keep the remote control handy. While the song collection is constantly rising, the song book is also continuously updated. Updating of song cards is also available to add newer entries.


Blue, Brown, Red

2 reviews for Symphony Karaoke System (PK-8080)

    Raajesh Ladhad
    March 20, 2022
    Purchased couple of months back, but not working properly from day one. Sent back for repairs, but received it in the same condition after a month. Problems.: 1. System hangs. 2. The is a lag while singing. 3. Dual mics not showing in duets. 4. No songs seen beyond H in listing, other than all. 5. It takes ages for words to appear In search section. And many more. The product is still in unbaked stage. Its surprising that how the product is launched without proper testing. Negative stars not possible, else would have given - 10.
    Anupam Joggani
    September 10, 2021
    PROS: 1) Excellent Hindi Song collection 2) Excellent Mic quality 3) I love the Track pad on the Mic - can be used to scroll 4) Android-based system is very useful for installing Android apps including Karaoke apps 5) Playing Karaoke songs through Pen-drive on the USB ports is a great, useful feature 6) I am able to use a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse using one of the two USB ports - which is so useful, and convenient for navigation and typing 7) Wonderful interface 8) Best feature is the ability to play Karaoke songs on YouTube (but see the issue in this below) CONS: 1) When I play a YouTube song through the Search option, the video brightness reduces by more than 70% - which gives a very bad experience - But, if I install the YouTube app separately, and play a song, then the brightness does not change. But the problem using the app is - I cannot use the Remote, and cannot download a song. So, I am forced to use the SEARCH option, and bear the reduced screen brightness :-( :-( - I am very disappointed with this, because this was one of the my reasons for buying Persang 2) The Song categories do not contain the right songs. It seems, someone has simply copies few songs into these categories without even knowing - E.g. Bhajan, Patriotic - they don't have the relevant songs! 3) Hindi lyrics are erroneous - containing too many errors - Not done professionally! Not expected from an Indian product 4) While using any app, the Remote does not work - I have to use the Mouse 5) English songs missing Suggestion / Request: Please fix the above problems, and allow all users to update their system online. Since it is an Android-based system, you must take advantage, and start updating every feature, and enhancement in the product - ONLINE. If you say that I will have to buy a new System for the above solutions, it will be unfair. It is like asking you to buy a new mobile just to update the Android version. I am looking forward to the solutions through System update online - my priority is the issue of Screen brightness reducing when I play a YouTube video - through the Search option - Please help me solve this issue - Sincere request.
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