BMB Speaker -Advance Package

  • Reasonable product prices can be reached from home Karaoke fans.
  • 300W power gives enough power for regular size living rooms.
  • Stylish speaker stand fits to modern living rooms.
  • Subwoofer adds punching bass sound.
  • Bluetooth function makes users play music in handy phones.
  • Seamless AC input voltage from 100V to 240V function makes this model worldwide.
  • New switching power supply technology makes light weight possible.
  • This microphone has excellent input sensitivity which guarantees the best quality sound for Karaoke entertainment.
  • Parts have passed strict Japanese quality and reliability testing which include both environmental and
    safety tests, which greatly increases the microphones performance and durability.
  • Parts are manufactured by the most trusted companies in the audio industry, lowering product defect rate to near zero.
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  1. Please turn off a power switch of an amplifier during you connect speaker cords between loudspeakers and an amplifier
  2. Please connect between a RED terminal (+) of a loudspeaker and a RED terminal (+) of an amplifier with a RED cord.
  3. Please connect between a BLACK terminal (-) of a loudspeaker and a BLACK terminal (-) of an amplifier with a BLACK cord
  4. If you make a wrong connection between a RED terminal (+) and a BLACK terminal (-), the sound becomes strange, bass sound becomes very small and it becomes a cause of breakdown of a loudspeaker and an amplifier.
  5. The maximum input power of the speaker is 300 W (peak). Too high input power may damage the karaoke
    speaker, so please do pay attention to keeping the power within the specification
  6. Even if the maximum power output of the power amplifier is lower than 300 W, do not regulate the speaker to very
    high volume, or allow it to broadcast distorted sound, which may damage the speaker.

A variety of icons and signs are provided to prevent damages
and property losses to you or others. The mark and significance of icons are provided below.
Please read and understand them.

  1. WARNING:Neglect of this mark and misuse of this product may cause serious human injury or
    even death.
  2. NOTE:Neglect of this mark and misuse of this product may cause product damage or even
    human injury.


  1. DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE IT IN A FAULT STATE:Continued use in case of smoking, odor, abnormal noise and other abnormal conditions may cause fire, electric shock, and amplifier fault. Please power off the power amplifier immediately, and pull the power plug out of the socket. Ask the distributor to repair it until it is confirmed to stop smoking.
  2. DO NOT MODIFY THIS PRODUCT:Do not modify or disassemble this product. Otherwise, fire and electric shock may be caused.
  3. KEEP IT AWAY FROM WATER:This product shall be prevented from water and rain, which may cause fire and electric shock. Special attention shall be paid when it is used on rainy days, on snowy days, off the coast or beside water.
  4. DON’T PUT A CONTAINER WITH WATER ON IT:Do not put a vase, a potted plant, cups, cosmetics, medicines, a container with water and small metal objects on the product. Water spilling into the product may cause fire and electric shock.If water enters into this product, please power off the power amplifier immediately, pull the power plug out of the socket, and then call the distributor. Continued use may cause fire and electric shock.
  5. DO NOT INSERT FOREIGN MATTERS:If foreign matters enter this product, please power off the power amplifier immediately, pull the power plug out of the socket, and then call the distributor. Continued use may cause fire and electric shock.


  1. Do not install the speaker in a very humid environment or under direct sunlight or near a furnace or other heat sources.
  2. For a karaoke speaker, the sound may greatly vary with the installation location. The best music appreciation level will be achieved on the premise of the following points:
    (a)Under normal conditions, please install the speaker in a location higher than your ears.
    (b)The best distance from the speaker is 2-5 meters.
    (c)If the speaker is installed on a firm support, or placed against the wall, then the bass will sound more resonant.
    If an article with poor bass reflex effect is put in front of the speaker, the bass will lose its effect.
  3. This product does not have magnetic shielding function. If the speaker is too close to a TV set, color of the TV set may be vague. If this situation happens, turn off the TV, and then restart it 15-30 minutes later. If the problem still exists, move the speaker away from the TV set.


    (1) Don’t keep it in an unfixed place, in order to avoid damage even personal injury in case of falling
    (2) This product shall not be moved by holding the iron net and speaker unit to avoid damage, even
    personal injury.
    (3) This product shall be moved after powering off the power amplifier, pulling the power plug out of the socket,
    and removing the speaker cable. Otherwise, cable breakage, fire and electric shock may be caused.
    (4) Don’t move this product with a TV set and audio devices thereon. The articles may fall, thereby
    resulting in damage, even personal injury
    (5) Articles heavier than 10 kg or with the outline dimension larger than this product shall not be placed on this product. Otherwise, the articles may fall thereby resulting in damage, even personal injury.
    (1)Keep this product from cooking fume and vapor beside a food processing platform and a humidifier, etc.
    Otherwise, fire and electric shock may be caused. Otherwise, fire and electric shock may be caused.
    (2)Keep it from a humid and dusty place. Otherwise, fire and electric shock may be caused.
    Before connecting this machine to other audio devices, TV sets etc., please carefully read the user manual of each machine, shut off the power supply, and then operate according to the manuals.
    (1) Please power on after minimizing the volume. Sudden loud sound may cause hearing losses.
    (2) Do not keep it in the sound distortion state for a long time. Otherwise, the speaker may cause             fire due to sharp temperature rise.
    (3) Do not sit or hang on the speaker. Pay special attention to children. Falling or failure may cause
    injury to them.
    (4) Keep this product away from cash card, disk and other magnetic products. Magnetism of the
    speaker may cause data loss, thereby affecting the use of the products.

Product Manual

Product Manual

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Packing Contains

  1. Speaker
  2. 2 wireless MIC
  3. Remote Control
  4. AV Cable
  5. Power Adaptor
  6. External Battery Terminal
  7. 2 Set Batteries(AAA)
  8. 2 Set Batteries(AA)
  9. User’s Manual

Payment Options

1)Cash on Delivery
2)CCAvenue :

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Internet Banking

3) Account Detail: A/C NAME:Persang Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. A/C No: 000305017604 BANK NAME:ICICI BANK BRANCH NAME:O.P.Road ADDRESS: 42, Haribhakti Society, Nr. Chakli Circle, O.P.Road,Vadodara, Gujarat – 390007 IFSC CODE:ICIC0000003


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