That 90S Kid!

As and how I grow up I feel being born in the ’90s was the best thing that has happened to me. It was a good time for movies, songs, art and for the media to grow as a whole. The best music the best Albums and even the best cartoons were of the ’90s. Not saying that today’s music or cinema is bad but still in a way, I feel that the ’90s was the greatest time of them.

With that weekend vibe on fire, I felt why not pay a tribute to the best time of our lives and talk about the memories that we had with them. As a kid, I still remember how music was chart buster at 6 in the evening and how eagerly I used to wait for it.

The 90s was the time for Pop albums! Yes, kids, we had Music albums during the times. With that note, here are our top picks of the 90s songs that have made a mark and will always be evergreen.

1: Yaro Dosti by KK: I don’t think there is a single soul who does not remember this song! Whether it was the soothing voice of KK or the beautifully written lyrics that spreader the magic. The video of the school friends was a bust state to the nostalgia train that just sent you in that pleasant state that cannot be defined!
2: Bullah Ki Jaana by Rabbi Shergill: This song was undoubtedly way beyond its time, from the lyrics to the video everything felt perfect. A Sikh singing and playing guitar asking people about his identity while rooming in the whole country was how simpler times were.
3: Sayonee by Junoon: A lost band, but one of the best memories that I have of them is the song. It’s simple and yet it shows how much someone can be in love to write something so incredible!
4: Tanha Dill by Shaan: The soft voice of Shaan and the amazing lyrics of this song are enough to make you go on that long drive all by yourself. The music was calming and exciting at the same time. With Shaan’s smile and the wonderful music, the song had to be on our list.
5: Maheri by Euphoria: Let’s keep the best on for the last! An all-time favourite, with Palash’s voice and an innocent video. It was a hit in its time and still doesn’t fails to wow you whenever you hear! A Beautiful song composition that will make you fall in love all over again.

Here’s to all the nostalgia and Flashbacks!
All in good times!

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