With customers’ increasing demand for the latest sound technology, Brands are on their toes to introduce more and better models in the speaker segment, that are loaded with all Features while being budget friendly, multimedia Speakers. over the years, have undergone immense transformation while trying to Incorporate the latest technologies and Innovations.
The market is certainly poised to benefit from the growing consumer preference for in-home entertainment system. indicating change in consumer lifestyle and choice of entertainment, the trend towards At-Home Entertainment is fast gaining strength. Against the backdrop of volatile economic conditions, watching movies, listening to favorite music, or playing games at home is proving to be an economical options for the masses in stark comparison to expensive leisure pursuits such as travelling, dining out, or watching movie screening.


Persang Entertainment brought a revolutionary change in the singing industry with PERSANG KARAOKE, The Brand’s karaoke & speakers systems with excellence sound quality and over 7,000 pre-loaded songs in 13 different Languages! The brand has always been a name to reckon with owing to their expertise and facilities for troubleshooting, inquiries service, and after sales.

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